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  • Carlos S. Moreno, Ph.D.

  • CONFAC: Conserved Transcription Factor Binding Site Finder.

  • Publications from Dr. Moreno's lab.

  • Supplementary Data for Moreno lab publications.

  • GMB: Graduate Program in Genetics and Molecular Biology

  • CB: Graduate Program in Cancer Biology

  • Experimental Pathology Division

  • Department of Biomedical Informatics


    Whitehead Research Building
    Emory University School of Medicine

    Moreno Lab 2010
    Lab Group 2007
    Front Row Left to Right:
    Yu-Heng Lai, Lea Remolona, Jessica Cheng, Soma Sannigrahi
    Back Row Left to Right:
    Cornel Phillip, Carlos Moreno, Zhongming Mou

    Moreno Lab 2007
    Lab Group 2007

    Left to Right:
    Veronica Henderson, Yu-Heng Lai, Chris Scharer,
    Colleen McCabe, Noelani Anderson, Suresh Karanam

    Moreno Lab 2005
    Lab Group 2005
    Standing Left to Right:
    Carlos Moreno, Suresh Karanam, Mohamed Ali-Seyed, Chris Scharer

    Sitting Left to Right:
    Veronica Henderson, Noelani Anderson, Holly Williams
    Carlos Moreno,
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